Studio Macro Equipment

Beyond Extreme

While most of the images I create are 100% authentic nature photographs, capturing wildlife “in-situ” (as I found it), sometimes this just is not possible. This is especially true when dealing with the tiniest of arthropods, most of which need to be captured and placed in a studio setting in order to photograph them in extreme detail. The following are the tools I use to achieve this end:

* Thorlabs Aluminum Breadboard (18″ x 24″ x 1/2″, 1/4″)
* Thorlabs Sorbothane Feet (x4)
* Elmer’s White Foam Board

* Yuji BC Series A14 High CRI Remote Phosphor LED Bulbs (x6)
* QuadHands Base – Gooseneck Arms / Alligator Clamp Heads
* WeMacro XYR Stage + Specimen Holder
* Hejnar Photo 16-Inch Long x 5/8″ Wide Rail
* Hejnar Photo 4.80″ Jaw Length Clamp

* Hejnar Photo 50mm Micrometer Adjusting Macro Rail (for field macro stacks)
* WeMacro Automated Macro Focusing Rail (for studio macro stacks)
* WeMacro Field Usage Battery Pack

Since macro photography is a particularly-specialized discipline, to see how all of this comes together, read this forum post.