Tripods & Camera Support

The Literal Foundations of Success

For optimal image quality, stabilizing your camera is a must. While hand-holding does have its advantages, by enabling greater mobility, the advantage of stabilizing your camera is that you will simply create sharper images and (generally) better compositions. The following are the tripods/monopod I use as well as the camera/lens plates to connect them:

* Really Right Stuff TVC-33: Versa Series 3 Tripod (for 800mm FL ED)
* Really Right Stuff TVC-34 Mk2, Versa Apex (for 400mm FL ED +all other lenses)
* Really Right Stuff MC-14 Carbon Fiber Monopod (for macro field work)

* Wimberley WH-200 II Gimball Head (on TVC-33, for 800mm FL ED)
* Wimberley Sidekick (+ AP-900 Plate on TVC-34, for 400mm FL ED + 200 Micro)
* Really Right Stuff BH-55 LR: w/ B2 AS II Clamp (on TVC-34, for all other lenses)
* Really Right Stuff MH-02 LR Monopod Head (on MC-14, for macro field work)
* Watavip Tabletop Flex-Tilt Head (by itself, for tabletop work)

* Really Right Stuff BD5-L Camera Plate for Nikon D5
* Really Right Stuff BD850-L Camera Plate for Nikon D850
* Really Right Stuff BD500-L Camera Plate for Nikon D500
* Really Right Stuff BZ7-L Camera Plate for Nikon Z6 & Z7 (x2)

* Really Right Stuff LCF-17 Lens Plate for Nikkor 400 f/2.8 + 800 f/5.6 FL ED (x2)
* Wimberley AP-555 Lens Foot for Nikkor 400 f/2.8 + 800 f/5.6 FL ED (x2)
* Really Right Stuff MPR-73 Lens Plate for Micro-Nikkor 200 f/4D ID-EF