Field Accessories

The Important Details

Below is a list of  “the important details” that go into a successful day in the field. The following greatly assist both my ability to capture the image (or find the subject at all), to allowing me optimize my color and light—to enabling me to care for my gear should something happen to any of it while out in the elements. Of course, I don’t carry all of these at once, but they are always kept either in my trunk, or in my backpack, for availability when needed.

* LensCoat Water-Repellent Photo Blind
* Walkstool Comfort 55 X-Large Folding Stool (x2)
* LensCoat Pro Beanbag Support
* Muck Waterproof Boots

* X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Card
Wimberley The Plamp II
Wimberley Plamp II Extension
Wimberley The Ground Plamp
Wimberley The Plamp Extension Tube
* Photoflex LiteDisc Collapsible Circular Diffuser (Translucent, 22″)
* Photoflex LiteDisc Collapsible Circular Reflector (Silver/Black, 12″)
* Impact Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc (Gold/Silver, 12″)
* Impact Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc (Silver/White, 12″)

Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit
VisibleDust DHAP Orange 1.0x Vswabs
VisibleDust DHAP Orange 1.6x Vswabs
VisibleDust VDust Plus Formula Sensor Cleaning Solution
Giottos Lens Cleaning Kit w/ Air Blower (x3)
Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit
* Zeiss Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Professional Butterfly Net
* Heavy-Duty Insect Sweep Net (x2)
Ripstop Insect/Spider Beat Sheet
* Insect Aspirator
* Large Arthropod Specimen Containers
* Small Arthropod Specimen Containers
* 10′ Lizard Noose (x2)
* Snake Tongs (52″)
* Reptile Transport Materials