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Tamrac 787 Extreme (M.A.S.) Super Photo Backpack

The finest, toughest backpack ever made

Tamrac used to make a truly awesome backpack series, their M.A.S. (Modular Accessory System) Extreme series. These packs came in four sizes:

  • The 787 Super Photo Backpack
  • The 777 Summit Photo Backpack
  • The 767 Photo Trail Backpack
  • The 757 Photo Pack
  • I actually own all 4 of them. I use the smallest, 757, for local hikes when I only bring a few lenses. The next size up, the 767, is perfect for getting on airplanes, when you want to bring a bit more gear for a trip, but not everything you have. I use the 777 or the 787 for very long drives, to important cathedral hikes, where I want to bring as much gear as possible and I’m not weight-restricted by flight constraints.

    These terrific backpacks allow me not just to ‘bring’ my gear, but to protect it. The exterior is made of the most durable material you’ll ever find, and the interior offers more space than any bag you’ll find. Even better, all zippered areas are covered and waterproof (resistant). Everything that can be thought of to protect your gear has been added to these packs. The ‘Modular Accessory System’ refers to the various side-pouches that can be added to the main packs to increase usefulness. Sadly, these great packs are no longer manufactured, but they remain the best backpack series ever made. Aside from my original purchase a decade ago (767, still in great shape), I’ve purchased mint copies of every other model on Ebay.

    Find on Ebay: Tamrac 787 Extreme (M.A.S.) Super Photo Backpack