Flashes & Accessories

Improving on Existing Light

I say going into this that, for nature photography, I do prefer not to introduce artificial light. Adding human-created light into a natural setting changes the photography from ‘nature’ photography, to ‘man-influenced’ photography, by definition. Still, sometimes it is necessary, particularly for high-mag macro photography, which is the primary discipline for which I use the following tools:

Nikon SB-700 Flash (x2)

Highly-capable, small & compact

I have two of these flashes, one for my bird lens, the other for my field macro rig. This flash is big and strong enough to be useful, and programmable, but not so big or expensive as to get in my way. Highly-recommended.

See @ Nikon: Nikkor SB-700 Flash

Vello FD-1600 FlexFrame Softbox

I place this large softbox over my field macro rig as well. The purpose is to distribute the light evenly, eliminating the specular highlights which occur when the straight flash is used. An excellent, effective tool that produces perfect, even light.

See @ Vello: Vello FD-1600 FlexFrame Softbox

Vello VE-1002 Mini Softbox

Fill-Flash for Bird Photography

I use this soft-box flash diffuser for my second SB-700 for bird photography. Small, light, does the job.

See @ Vello: Vello VE-1002 Mini Softbox

Wimberley F-2 Macro Bracket

The Ultimate Macro Tool

An essential component of my field macro rig also. This great, adjustable tool allows SB-700 + Softbox to be moved and positioned for optimal deployment.

See @ Wimberley: Wimberley F-2 Macro Bracket

Wimberley M-8 Perpendicular Plate

Macro Connector

This plate helps me connect my Wimberley F-2 Macro Bracket to the RRS L-plate, so as to mount my macro flash to the whole setup.

See @ Wimberley: Wimberley M-8 Perpendicular Plate

Nikon SC-28 TTL Coiled Remote

Connecting the Units


See @ Wimberley: Nikon SC-28 TTL Coiled Remote