Nikon Professional Bodies

Nikon professional cameras are the finest in the industry for wildlife photography, studio, portraiture, or sports. These cameras have remained at the top of the food chain, since 2012, for capturing the moment and perfecting the capture with the finest color fidelity and widest dynamic range available of any manufacturer. Nikon cameras are consistently “best in class,” from Base ISO performance (D850), to low-light performance (D5), to most complete APS-C offering (D500), to the finest 3-D Focus Tracking available (all). In a nutshell, Nikon empowers the user to nail the shot like no other. Nikon cameras simply deliver—and its a good feeling to know you have one (or more) at-the-ready when you go out there.

Nikon D850

The Industry Benchmark

The Nikon D850 was the first DSLR of any kind to receive a perfect 100 DxO Mark, offering the finest base ISO performance of any camera available today, surpassing even medium format. To quote DP Reveiw, “… we feel that the D850 will satisfy the needs of an incredible variety of photographers, and we’re comfortable saying the D850 is the best DSLR on the market today.”  To the exquisite image quality, Nikon has added very robust construction as well as an incredible panacea of options and customization potential. Although the D850 is quite capable for capturing wildlife, where this camera is absolutely peerless is for landscape, portraiture, and artistic macro imagery. For stunning dynamic range and subtle color fidelity, at Base ISO, the D850 simply has no equal. However, its unequaled quality has had this camera “on backorder” longer than any other DSLR in history too, but it’s worth the wait 😎

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Nikon D500

The Professional's APS-C

As a wildlife camera, the D500 is very, very hard to beat. Winning multiple awards its first year in production, and remaining the most capable APS-C camera ever put out there,  DP Review summarized it best: “The D500 is the most well-rounded DSLR we’ve ever tested, and among the very best.” My own experience echoes these findings. The D500’s combination of reach (1.5x crop factor), very good image quality, impressive dynamic range, along with superb ergonomics & customization—and a better AF system than any other camera but the D5—all combine to make the D500 a killer choice for wildlife. This is the camera to which I have my 300mm f/4E PF ED VR attached, with or without the 1.4x TC III extender (giving me 450mm or 630mm of reach, respectively). The D500 is also the body I use for high-mag field macro imagery.

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