Auto-Focus Lenses

Premium Nikkor Optics

Nikkor AF lenses represent “The Standard” for wildlife and other challenging photography, where one does not have the time to compose and execute with precision manual focus glass. While I actually prefer to use MF lenses for many aspects of nature photography (landscapes, flowers, most macro situations, etc.), when it come to capturing active wildlife, especially at a distance, precision AF becomes vital when there is minimal time to react. When it comes to selecting focal lengths, I typically select successive focal lengths roughly-double to the focal length of the lens before it (e.g., 200mm, 400mm, 800mm, etc.). That said, these represent my current Nikkor AF lens line-up, in both F- and Z-Mounts:

F-Mount Glass

60+ Years of Optical Excellence

Established in 1959, the Nikon F-Mount has been the most flexible mount available, for other brands to adapt, until the advent of mirrorless. Many of the most incredible, specialty lenses ever made have been crafted exclusively in this mount. As a passionate photographer, I have accumulated some of the finest F-Mount lenses made—and, thanks to the FTZ Adapter, these lenses still operate perfectly on my new Z-Mount cameras. The FTZ adapter has ensured me a smooth transition, allowing me to enjoy the following stellar F-Mount optics for the rest of my life: