My Mission

To Keep People Connected to Nature

Our natural world is dying at an exponential rate, as human overpopulation continues to explode, with no controlling mechanism in sight. For the last 150 years, human population has octupled, going from less than 1 billion to nearly 8 billion. Where man expands nature diminishes. Big business has razed and pillaged our unspoiled lands, virtually unchecked, to where few pristine areas remain.

The vast majority of humanity no longer interact with nature at all. Cement and “city life” are all many people know. When people no longer interact with something, they disconnect, and when they disconnect from something, they no longer care about it, which is exactly what is happening today~to the detriment of our natural world.

My mission as a photographer is to keep people connected with nature, if only by the glimpses of it they experience through my imagery. I share my photos in the hope that people will enjoy the beauty of nature they see, to the extent that it prompts them to seek it out and connect with it also. By re-connecting with Nature, we instinctively develop a desire to protect it. To me, this is vital, because Nature truly does need to be protected and valued in order for what remains of it to survive. Thank you for reading.