About Me

Why I Choose Photography

I am a casualty investigator by trade, a wildlife photographer by passion. What most people “watch on TV,” I do in real life. As a casualty investigator, my profession has me delving into some pretty terrible things (injury, death, monetary loss, as well as fraud).

Nature photography is my escape from all that. It is where I disconnect from the bustle of the city and re-connect with the serenity, peace, and purpose of our natural world … which is harmony.

By hiking and traveling “far away from anything human” … this allows me to appreciate the way our world is supposed to be. I immerse myself in exploring every kind of natural terrain, enjoying each ecosystem’s own unique treasures … which always present themselves … if I look for them.

Nothing pleases me more than capturing the many aspects of natural beauty to-camera, sharing my findings with family and friends on FacebookFlickr—not to mention my own photography platform, The Nature Photographer Club™ (under construction).

Besides the years involved in finally producing my own photographic platform, I will soon be producing my own video tutorials via my own professional YouTube Channel. (Please subscribe!)

Note: I am not funded by anyone. I purchase my own equipment, with my own money, and I actually use my gear before I give my opinions. I have owned and tested some of the finest photographic gear made, for going on 2 decades now. My forthcoming tutorials will therefore carry the weight of actual, honest experience, rather than “borrowing something for a week.”

Aside from making my work available to scientists and others (for both publication and presentation), my images are now also available for purchase as fine art prints, calendars, etc.

This developing website is my effort to transcend my career from “an investigator” to “a photographer,” but it is a laborious process, so please bear with me. I hope you enjoy your visit  … and, please forgive; this site is still under construction 😎

John A. (‘Jack’) Koerner II