Office, Printers & Trimmers

Delivering the Final Product

As important as my photographic tools are to me, my office environment is equally important, as are my printers and trimmer. At the end of the shooting day, I will be in my office working, processing my images and turning them into either .jpegs (for internet display) or physical prints (for wall display). Not only do I want to have the best tools for printing, but I want my office environment to be spacious and comfortable. Here is my setup:

* Huntington Cherry Office Suite
* Huntington Cherry Bookcases (x2)
* Huntington Cherry Bookcase
* Huntington Cherry 4-Drawer Vertical File
* Huntington Cherry 2-Drawer Lateral File Stand
* Huntington Cherry 2-Drawer Vertical File Stand (x2)
* Epson SureColor P7000 24″ Large-Format Printer
* Epson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer
* Rotatrim 24″ Mastercut Professional Rotary Cutter
* Dahle 550 Professional Rolling Trimmer